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The Rotary District 6220 Global Scholar Program provides $30,000 scholarship awards for graduate studies at a qualified college/university (i.e., has a graduate (not doctorate) level program of study that directly relates to at least one of The Rotary Foundation’s Areas of Focus) outside the USA for US citizens; or, for international citizens (namely, cannot have U.S. citizenship or have a green card or in the process of applying for U.S. citizenship), outside their native country where a Rotary host club can be identified. Scholars must commence studies no earlier than the beginning of the academic year in the fall of 2022 and conclude no later than December 30, 2023 and expend the scholarship funds within 12 months of starting studies.


In recognition of The Rotary Foundation’s (TRF) 100-year anniversary in 2017, the TRF Trustees set out to develop a plan to move the foundation toward its second century of service. The plan, called the Future Vision Plan, focuses TRF-funded programs to specific areas where they will have the greatest impact by addressing priority world needs that are presently most relevant to Rotarians.

As a result, to be eligible for a Rotary District 6220 Global Grant Scholarship, applicants must have a background, intended graduate studies and future career plans related to at least one of the following Rotary Areas of Focus:

Rotary Area of Focus 

Select: Rotary International Areas of Focus Policy Statement-Elements of Successful Scholarships for important information and criteria.


Global grant scholars plan to pursue a career in an Area of Focus, and their graduate-level educational goals should support this career interest. Pursuing a career in an area of focus means the scholar has a long-term commitment to measurable, sustainable change. A candidate’s previous work or volunteer experience, academic program, and career plans must be strongly aligned with one of the Areas of Focus.

Eligible applicants will have a demonstrated record of high academic achievement; a reasonable level of proficiency in the language of the region of study; excellent leadership skills and potential; a proven record of success in his or her academic field or vocation; a commitment to community service; well-defined and realistic goals; concrete ideas for advancing within his or her chosen field; and, sincerity about maintaining a lifelong relationship with Rotary after the scholarship period.

GGS QUALIFICATION (eligibility) Requirements

Eligible candidates must meet ALL of the following requirements:  

  • Has (1) previous work experience, volunteer experience and/or education; (2) intended graduate degree studies; AND (3) future career plans, that are related to one of the 6 Areas of Focus established by Rotary International.
  • Plans to enroll in a graduate (not doctorate) level program commencing no earlier than the beginning of the academic year in the fall of 2022 and conclude no later than December 30, 2023. I understand the awarded funds will be expended by December 31, 2023.
  • Study institution must be located in a geographic area that has a Rotary presence. There are 34,000 Rotary clubs within 530 Rotary districts around the world. Despite this extensive reach, there are some parts of the world that do not have a formal Rotary presence due to security, safety or other issues. For further guidance, click: Rotary Club Finder website
  • Is NOT (1) a Rotarian; (2) an employee of a club, district, or other Rotary entity, or of Rotary International; (3) the spouse, a lineal descendant (child or grandchild by blood or stepchild legally adopted or not), the spouse of a lineal descendant, or an ancestor (parent or grandparent by blood) of any person who has been in the foregoing two categories within the past three years.
  • Currently works in, attends school in, is a resident of District 6220 or has a permanent mailing address within District 6220 (which spans northern eastern Wi. and all but the eastern two counties of the upper peninsula of Michigan). Refer to District 6220 Area Maps links below under “More Information.”
  • Has, or will have, sufficient funds to cover any expenses throughout the scholarship time that exceed US $30,000.
  • Will endeavor to participate in a humanitarian project sponsored by the host Rotary club in the study region.
  • Will attend an orientation and work with a designated Scholar mentor to prepare for the program before traveling.
  • Agrees to report experiences no less than bi-weekly on an Internet blog, throughout the scholarship period.
  • Agrees to complete all required reports during and after the scholarship time.
  • Agrees to make a presentation about the scholarship experience to at least 2 Rotary clubs within 1 year after the completion of the scholarship program.


  1. Select:  2022-2023 GGS Pre-qualification Application for application to be completed
  2. “Finalists” are selected and notified from Pre-qualification applicants.
  3. Selected “finalists” will be sent a “Full  Application” to be completed.
  4. “Finalist” will be invited and are required for an in-person interview (see Timetable link below)


2022-2023 GGS Selection Timetable


Scholarship recipient must have proof of admission to a university. The District award of Global Grant Scholarship is subject to final approval by the Rotary International Foundation.

BUDGET (to be completed by ”Finalists” in the “Full Application”)

The following items are eligible for funding for the Global Grant Scholarship:

  • Passport/visa
  • Inoculations
  • Travel expenses (as specified in the grant terms and conditions)
  • Travel Insurance
  • School supplies
  • Tuition (including required health insurance)
  • Room and board
  • Household supplies
  • Language training courses (but not if university admission is contingent on improvement of language skills)
  • Local transportation expenses

The following items are not eligible for funding:

  • Expenses incurred before the application is approved
  • Furniture
  • Vehicle related expenses
  • Expenses for spouses and dependents
  • Housing expenses in the home country during the scholarship period
  • Taxes owed as a result of receiving the scholarship
  • Medical care
  • Entertainment
  • Personal travel
  • Expenses related to Rotary events

NOTICE: For international citizen scholarship applicants, under U.S. tax law, The Rotary Foundation must withhold tax from global grant scholarships awarded for study in the U.S. on any expenses beyond tuition, books, necessary equipment, and fees. Therefore, effective January 1, 2017, withholding tax will be deducted from scholarship payments on eligible expense other than those noted above. Exception: this change does not apply to U.S.-bound scholars from Japan, Canada, and Germany, who are funded through associate foundations in those countries.

Note: Most personal and miscellaneous expenses are not covered by the scholarship funding.


Scholars are required to participate in an outbound orientation session before departure. Two options are available, although the first is preferred: Regional, district, or club orientation; or, Online self-orientation see Rotary International Learning Center.


The scholar will make travel arrangements through BCD Travel, Rotary’s travel partner. By booking through BCD Travel, scholars automatically receive insurance coverage that meets Rotary International’s requirements. This insurance will be in effect for the duration of the study term. Scholars may choose to purchase additional insurance coverage, but it will not be paid for by the grant.

For more information on Rotary District 6220 Global Grant Scholarships, contact:

John J. Townshend
District 6220 Scholarship Chair
1208 Golf Club Rd.
Wausau, Wisconsin 54403



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