Rotary Foundation Minute

As new District 6220 Foundation I am providing you with a weekly “Foundation Minute” that you can hopefully read in one minute or less at the following week’s meeting and also post to your club website and newsletter. 
This short, weekly missive will be designed to increase awareness of the Rotary Foundation and enhance member participation. 
My commitment to you is to never exceed sixty seconds in the hope this can become a regular part of your meeting agenda.  My career was in radio broadcasting, so I know how many words to put into a sixty second message. 
And one last point. If your club does not have a Foundation Chair would you please be kind enough to recruit someone for the important role or share with me contact information for someone you recommend I contact?  I’d love to see each club have a Foundation Chair within the next eight weeks.  The best source for a “volunteer” is probably a former club president who has an insider’s view of the Rotary Foundation work.

Rotary District 6220
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Your weekly Rotary Foundation Minute: 

 August 21, 2023


August 28, 2023


September 3, 2023


September 10, 2023


September 17, 2023

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