Rotary District 6220 Documents

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Global Grant Scholarship Docs--
1000-guide-to-global-grants-en.pdf474 KB04/01/24 at 08:56 AM
TriCon Matching Grant Application_Fillable.pdf257 KB02/14/24 at 08:00 AM
2024_Tricon_Spononship_Form.pdf696 KB02/12/24 at 06:51 AM
2024 02 08 Board Mtg Agenda w attach.pdf2 MB02/06/24 at 10:29 AM
Master Exp Reimb Form_REV 01 2024.xlsx16 KB01/29/24 at 06:15 AM
Feria Proyectos D4465.pdf4 MB01/10/24 at 08:23 AM
Application DPF and District Grant_REV 10 2023.docx35 KB11/15/23 at 05:51 PM
DPF & District Grant Report Form.docx25 KB11/15/23 at 05:51 PM
Grants Application Guidelines - rev 10 2023.docx38 KB11/15/23 at 05:51 PM
2012-2013 Goals Rotary District 6220.pdf181 KB11/15/23 at 05:51 PM
October 2023_Environmental Sustainability newsletter.pdf2 MB11/15/23 at 05:51 PM
WausauEarlyBirdsFundraiserFlyer.pdf17 MB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
Rotary District 6220 Directory 2012-2013.pdf3 MB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
RYLA 6220 Flyer for Rotarians 2023.pdf618 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
Commitment Fillable Form 2023.pdf170 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
2012-2013 Goals Rotary District 620.pdf181 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
Girl Scout IDEA Lunch & Learns 2022-2023_all files.pdf3 MB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
6220 Strategic Goals and Objectives 2021-2024.pdf357 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
ZoneRegionalRotaryMembershipRoadmap2023-2024.pdf808 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
2022-2025 District 6220 Action Plan Executive Summary.pptx148 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
2022-2025 Action Plan Dashboard.pdf332 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
Preliminary6220_2023AnnualMtgAgenda.docx48 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
PPS PolioPlus Society Banner Design.pdf525 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
Application DPF and District Grant_REV 08 2023.docx37 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
2022-2025 District 6220 Action Plan.pdf540 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
2023-2024_Club_Memorandum-of-Understanding.docx16 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
grant-report-form-July-23-2019.docx28 KB08/31/23 at 05:14 PM
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