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Christine "Tina" Hall

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District 6220 Exec. Asst.

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The District Project Fund was established in 1998-99 to provide matching funds for club and District projects that do not qualify for Rotary Foundation financial support. Funding must be used to finance a District Project not in the budget, a World Community Service project or a local community project.

Criteria Updated July 2015

  1. Maximum grant amount is $2500.00
  2. Clubs may receive a grant every Rotary year.
  3. Club sponsored projects must include active participation of Rotarians. Please state how Rotarians will be participating in your project.
  4. Clubs must have given on average of $50 per member to The Rotary Foundation in the previous Rotary year.
  5. Projects may be local or international in nature.
  6. Club sponsored projects which do not qualify include outright contributions from clubs to other groups or organizations. Rotarians need to be sponsors of funded projects. (As an example, a Rotary club which wants to give money to a nonprofit group for their literacy program will not qualify for matching funds. However, if the Rotary club wants to do a literacy program they would possibly qualify).
  7. Projects must be new, start-up projects or include a new twist to an existing project. Ongoing projects or expenses do not qualify.
  8. All District sponsored projects must apply to the Rotary Foundation when applicable, and must have a district wide fundraising campaign. Exemptions must be approved by the District Project Fund committee.
  9. Grants may be submitted anytime. Grants are reviewed in the order that they are received. It is a first come, first served program. If a grant is submitted and the committee determines it needs clarification, the grant will be returned. The grant will “lose its place” in the line-up of applications and will be reconsidered in the order that it is received after clarifications have been made.
  10. Club dues must be paid and up to date. Clubs who are behind in paying their dues will have their grant request returned and may resubmit once the dues are paid.


Procedure; Grant requests must be submitted on the authorized application form found on the District web site. Please email DPF coordinator, Nancy Loberger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as back-up notification of the web-based DPF Grant Application. Forms should be submitted electronically. Only complete forms will be considered. Additional information may be provided. The District Project Fund committee will consider all applications received within a two week period once the application is complete. Notification of the committee action will be sent to the primary contact person on the application.

Reporting Requirements

Reports are to be made annually to the District Project Fund Chair and at the completion of the project. Annual reports are due on April 1st of each year in order that Fund reports can be made available at the district conference/assembly. The reports will include the following:

  1. Description of the project in relation to the expressed goals, the goals which were achieved, and achievements beyond the expressed goals.
  2. When physical achievements are expected, photographs of before the project started, of the project in progress, of the final outcome should be included with the report.
  3. Letters from those being positively affected by the completed project are to be included in the final report.
  4. Financial report reflecting all sources of income, budgeted expenses, and actual expenses will be submitted with each report.
  5. Final reports, in addition to being sent to the District Project Fund Chair, will be sent to the District Secretary for inclusion in the District Newsletter.

District Project Fund Criteria

District 6220 - District Project Fund EZ-APP

District Project Fund Sub-Committee Chair
Nancy Loberger
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Office: 920-617-7315
Cell: 920-6197315