Ann Fuge

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District 6220 Exec. Asst.

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Tracy Wilichowski (2014-2015)

(12/8/15) Being the first Rotary International Global Grant Scholar from District 6220 has been a rewarding and eye-opening experience. The scholarship brought me to London, England to study at The London School of Economics and Political Science, an experience that would not have been possible without the funding I received from Rotary. I did not think studying international development in Europe would be much different from the US; however, with the ongoing refugee crisis, my studies became closely tied to the European landscape in a way that I had not envisioned when I arrived last August. Witnessing firsthand, millions of refugees migrating to Europe due to economic and political instability further sparked my passion for establishing strong institutions to support those in unstable and tumultuous states. Aside from the coursework in my program, the School offered public lectures on the intersection of these topics, which further broadened my worldview and knowledge of the underlying components driving instability in developing countries and their impact on the developed world. Having lived in Berlin two summers ago, I can see the change, which has made my time in London both academically and personally relevant. The scholarship experience not only gave me knowledge from coursework, but exposed me to a situation that has international implications for both Europe and the US. I hope to use this newfound knowledge to contribute to world understanding of this crisis and shape how the US currently deals with it.

Nicole Ostrand (2015-2016)

Status (Dec 2015): Currently studying aboard at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England, supported by her Global Grant Scholarship.  Nicole is pursuing a doctorate degree in migration studies.  Her Rotary “area of focus” is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution.

I am passionate about helping people, I always have been. Over the last six years I become especially interested in migrant and refugee issues. I am committed to empowering and promoting the rights of migrant and refugee populations around the globe. This is a particularly salient issue in the current political climate where fear and prejudices are rampant. It is more important than ever to provide thoughtful and humane analyses on how to ensure the basic security and rights of migrants and refugees are protected. 

The Rotary International Global Grant Scholarship from District 6220 has given me the opportunity to pursue what I love and further my career dedicated to migrants and refugees. With this scholarship, I was able to start my doctorate degree in migration studies at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. This has provided me with countless opportunities to engage with and think critically about this topic. At the University of Sussex, I have had access to academics, seminars, conferences, courses and volunteer groups concerned with these issues. Being a Global Grant Scholar has also given me the opportunity to meet with former and current Rotary Scholars. This has been particularly fulfilling as it has allowed me to forge new relationships and share interests and experiences.

I truly love what I do, and I could not be happier to be where I am today. Getting doctorate degree is a blessing. The Global Grant Scholarship has been a tremendous support in helping me follow this dream.

Paula K. Priebe (2017-2018 GGS)

Status: Currently studying aboard at the University for Peace, San Jose, Costa Rica, supported by her Global Grant Scholarship.  Paula is pursuing a master’s degree in International Peace Studies.  Her Rotary “area of focus” is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution.

I am currently working toward a Master of Arts in International Peace Studies degree at the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. The Rotary Global Grant Scholarship is the reason that I am able to be here right now. It is a wonderful program and I encourage all interested, qualified persons to apply.

My background is in Urban Planning and international volunteering. However, I was feeling the desire to go back to school and shift my career focus. That can be challenging; leaving a career to pursue something different. However, working with Rotary, I am supported in my endeavors and have the financial freedom to take time to return to school. It has also been a blessing to have the comradeship of two fellow Global Grant scholars at my school and the support of a local Rotary Club here in Costa Rica.

The Rotary area of focus of my Global Grant is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution. It aligns very closely with my chosen degree program. I hope to work in the field of post-conflict redevelopment after I complete my studies at UPeace, blending my background as an urban planner with my new focus of international peace studies.