District Governor Newsletter - July, 2017

It’s July!  Happy New Rotary Year!  I am very excited to be your District Governor for 2017-2018. I am just finishing two and half weeks of club visits.  I am excited to serve under RI President Ian Riseley and his theme Make a Difference.


First I want to very much thank one person that made a difference, Diane Dappern – who put in a great year of service and is now stepping up to help coordinate Youth Services within our District.  Di will be the a helper for Rotaract, Interact, and RYLA.  Di always had a fifth item in the 4-way test – Have FUN, and she certainly did throughout the year with many of you.


With the new Rotary year upon us, we have the ‘changing of the guard’ in our leadership throughout our district and throughout the Rotary world.  RI President Riseley has taken over for Past President John Germ.  What are some of the goals for the year? 


  1. Our number one goal of Rotary is to eradicate Polio.  We are very close.  This calendar year, we are at 6 cases of the Wild Polio Virus.  We are hoping that Rotary year 17/18 is zero cases.  With Rotary’s new slogan of ‘Drop to Zero’, we need to stay focused.
  2. Criteria for the Presidential Citation have been changed for 2017-18.  Citation proposed activities align with the three areas of our Rotary Strategic Plan – supporting and strengthening clubs, focusing and increasing humanitarian service, and enhancing public image and awareness.  We will have calls throughout the year to support clubs in moving forward on citation goals.  
  3. RI President Ian Riseley asks clubs to support the environment by planting trees.  He established a Rotary Sustainability goal of at least one tree planted for every Rotarian.  In accomplishing this goal, we will have helped the environment by planting trees in District 6270.  Clubs have different ideas – some want trees along their streets to replace diseased ash trees, others want to support a nature center, and still others are interested in reforestation.  What is your club’s tree planting objective?  Urban Foresters in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources have offered assistance to Rotary Club tree planting – has your club contacted them?
  4. I want to encourage each one of us to invite at least one guest this year to a meeting, fundraiser, or volunteer event.  We are all responsible for Rotary membership.  Sometimes we think it is up to the president or to the membership team.  It is not.  It is up to all of us.  Simply invite at least one person and give them the gift of Rotary.  Think about how important Rotary has become to you.  What if somebody wouldn’t have given you that gift?  We owe it to those we care about as well as those we want to help to share this gift.


Finally, I would like to ask you all to tell our story. Let our friends, our family, and our communities know what it is that we do as Rotarians.  I know many of us don’t give or serve for the accolades. However, we owe it to those we help today and those we hope to help tomorrow to Tell Our Story.  The only way that we will continue to receive the support, the membership, and the partnerships we need is to let people know who we are and what we do.  So, I am personally asking you to Tell Our Story!


I am so humbled, excited, and honored to serve as your District Governor for the 17-18 Rotary Year.  Our District has some amazing club doing amazing projects both locally and internationally.  Your District Rotarians are your partners and advocates, we are here to serve.  Now, let’s go Make a Difference and have a great Rotary year.

District Governor

Steve Handrick
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District 6220
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Lisa VanderKelen
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