Dear Rotary Family

I am hoping you all had a Glorious and Blessed Easter.  It was a great sunshine filled day in DePere.   I had a very quiet day and spent time reflective after service this morning.  Our Pastor shared a message to reflect on how our names get called out to participate in activities similar in a way that maybe Jesus was calling out names or sending silent messages when his followers visited the tomb.  His friends and followers each reacted in a different way to the scene they came upon and seemed to experience different thoughts expressing themselves differently.

Any words I offer to encourage your involvement fall short of testimonials from the participants themselves.  To that end I would like to share some of these thoughts from the students.  They have willingly shared both verbal video as well to step up and help……………….I used to say I was never taught to sit on my hands, one of my hands always seems to raise up on its own when help is needed.  Pastor made us think about those times and reflect on what, or who, or how we felt called.  I observe this happening to Rotarians a lot.  We never seem to have a lack of raised hands when we are called to help others or participate in a project.

This is a bond that holds us all together whether we are working with members of our own Clubs, other District members, Zone members, PETS Council members or helping in our communities or on International projects.    

“Service Above Self” honors this year’s theme of “Rotary Serving Humanity”, and fits in with this calling.

I am calling your names now, hoping you can attend our District conference on May 20, in Green Bay.  Information on the conference and our special book packing project can be found on the District website-RI6220.  We need your help.

If you are planning on attending we need to get you registered now so we can have an accurate counts.  We have planned a busy day learning about Rotary, sharing ideas, and celebrating our accomplishments.

So, please get registered……………………..I plan on seeing you on May 20 for another Glorious and Blessed day.

Rotary Hugs

District Governor

Steve Handrick
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District 6220
Executive Assistant

Lisa VanderKelen
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