District Governor News

Ann Fuge

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District 6220 Exec. Asst.

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It’s July!  Happy New Rotary Year!  I am very excited to be your District Governor for 2017-2018. I am just finishing two and half weeks of club visits.  I am excited to serve under RI President Ian Riseley and his theme Make a Difference.

Dear Rotary Family,

I can hardly believe my year as DG is coming to an end.  It has been a total pleasure serving you and more importantly getting to know you better than 1 year ago.

YOU have engaged yourselves in my objectives and helped to move this District into a position where we can say we are a Vibrant District.  Our membership numbers are increasing and we are retaining members.  WE have filled many Leadership positions with strong engaged members and have worked to continue support to the Foundation.

Dear Rotarians,

We are entering a very busy time of year for our District.  Much information is being shared with your Club and District regarding activities occurring in District 6220.  One focus area shared at this time of year asks club members to look at involvement and support for our Youth activities.  While at PETS training our newly elected President–Elects had reviewed information on these programs among other information their Clubs will be asked to address during the upcoming year. Each Rotarian can help by offering to help with any of the many programs and projects your individual Club decides to participate in and especially those involving Youth, our future Rotary members.

I am hoping you all had a Glorious and Blessed Easter.  It was a great sunshine filled day in DePere.   I had a very quiet day and spent time reflective after service this morning.  Our Pastor shared a message to reflect on how our names get called out to participate in activities similar in a way that maybe Jesus was calling out names or sending silent messages when his followers visited the tomb.  His friends and followers each reacted in a different way to the scene they came upon and seemed to experience different thoughts expressing themselves differently.

Dear Rotary Family,

WOW! I can hardly believe my DG year is ½ over already. Visiting all the Clubs is so rewarding and emotionally fulfilling. We have great Rotarians in District 6220 and we are doing great work. I have reviewed our Membership numbers with you during my visit and reviewed some helpful actions we might take to increase those numbers. As we look to our future it is critical for all of us to do our part helping to bring new members into the family. Increasing our membership is key to our future.